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Crooked Teeth Treatment in Fairfield

A healthy, functional, and beautiful smile requires teeth that are straight and jaws that are well aligned. It’s more than an attractive asset. Crooked teeth and a misaligned smile can affect oral health and function in multiple ways.

The consequences of a crooked or otherwise misaligned smile can include:

  • A significant overbite leaves protruding top teeth less protected and more vulnerable to injury.
  • An open bite with space between the upper and lower teeth affects how one speaks, chews, and swallows.
  • A malocclusion with crooked teeth and jaw relationships can interfere with and cause unhealthy shifts that contribute to TMJ dysfunction and pain.
  • The development of abnormal and unhealthy wear patterns on the teeth as one bites and chews
  • Challenges to keeping the teeth and gums clean and an increased risk of tooth decay as well as periodontal problems
  • Severe jaw growth discrepancies that can lead to physical and emotional consequences

Remember, it’s never too late to consider aligning your smile! The benefits to your oral health and overall well-being are well worth the investment!